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I help people, teams, leaders
and companies do great things.

Growing People Growing Companies

I help high growth small to mid-sized companies, primarily in the IT, Software Development and well-being space, quickly ramp up to exceed expectations.

My clients are leaders of companies and teams that care deeply about their people. They want their employees to be fulfilled, growing, and learning something new as often as possible. They also want to exceed the expectations of their clients. I use a powerful tool called Gallup CliftonStrengths along with my many years and experiences in HR and in growing organizations - and I help them provide this gift, benefit and learning to their teams so that they can be amazing together.

Workgroups with higher engagement experience
22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity.

Stable & flexible team

Do you or your employees feel the ground shifting beneath your feet?

  • This may be due to a high growth period, an upcoming acquisition, a reorganization or simply hiring a few new people on small team.
  • These are all great reasons for a leader to look for a resource that quickly closes the gap between where you are now (unsteady) and where you want to be (stable team with flexibility to pivot with ease).
  • Move past this uncomfortable phase you’re in right now and exceed your company goals with Strengths.
  • When you gain insight into your natural talents and turn them into Strengths, everyone benefits – you, your team, your leaders and your company.

Are your employees “all in” and engaged?

Have you been looking for a resource, tool, or system to improve employee engagement?

Often when companies grow and change, it becomes more challenging to keep the team together with systems running smoothly. This is not unique to you.

I can help you create a more engaged team, which can lead to

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher profits
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved customer feedback
  • Effective lines of communication

Attract & retain the very best talent

How will you address the #1 need for talent, which is the desire to learn and grow with unlimited opportunities?

  • Employees want and need an environment that ensures they will be learning and growing, ready for the next step in their career. What are you doing now that points in this direction?
  • Give your team Strengths workshops & coaching and your talent development worries will turn into talent development success stories
  • Attract and retain the very best talent with a Strengths-based team and culture
  • Recruiting takes a lot of time and energy – and $$ too!  Let’s work together to keep your awesome team excited and ready to tackle the challenges of each day.

Your people managers hold the key to your company success

Transition your people managers to a more coach-like way of leading others that is proven to be more effective - and by the way, what people want!

Employees want to work for a great manager.  Great managers are what make a company great. The manager has the most influence on an employee’s engagement.

  • Give your managers the tools and support with Strengths to become coaches who provide real-time feedback and guidance to their team and talent.  
  • Your employees will be recognized, encouraged, and fueled forward to do great work, be respected and actually enjoy what they’re doing.
  • We do this through workshops, team coaching and/or individual coaching.  We work together and everyone wins!

Build your intentional company culture that sticks

If you asked 10 people to describe your culture, would they all say the same thing? Is your company culture one that is obvious and easy to describe, both internally and externally?

Your company culture determines your effectiveness in

  • recruiting & retaining top talent
  • new business development
  • success with vendor relations
  • onboarding new employees
  • talent development
  • profits
  • customer satisfaction
What people are saying about Grow with Strengths

“Our commitment and Cindy’s leadership on Strengths was instrumental in building a culture that fosters personal and professional growth and organizational excellence.”

Kathy, former SVP, Founder ShipShapeRI

Grow with Strengths

Kathy, former SVP, Founder ShipShapeRI

“Cindy is an AWESOME Strengths Coach! She has a deep understanding of each Theme and meets you on your level to ensure you also gain a deep understanding of your top Strength Themes!”

Jackie Lamarsh

Grow with Strengths

Jackie Lamarsh

“Working with Cindy in developing and understanding my strengths has been an invaluable experience both professionally and personally! I would absolutely recommend her services!”

Sam Wepman, Senior Portal Configuration, Virgin Pulse

Grow with Strengths

Sam Wepman, Senior Portal Configuration, Virgin Pulse

Grow with Strengths

Companies I’ve worked with that have benefited from my coaching, workshops, or consulting

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