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Why Invest in Strengths for your organization?

This is about you and your company performance. I will help you and your employees show up and do great things TOGETHER. We dive into your mission, your culture, your employees, your dreams and goals. We partner to determine whether we start with a small group, the entire company or somewhere in between. Click here for more information or to set up a conversation and explore this concept together.

Workshop Descriptions

Communicate more effectively with YOUR Strengths

Each person has a unique way of effectively connecting with others. Learn how to communicate your messages, your challenges, your ideas, your successes in a way that is authentic to you and works well for others.

Become a better listener in your own unique way

Truly understanding what other people are telling you and telling others is the difference between success and failure. Learn how to listen well and ask the right questions for you to clarify your own understanding – and then move forward with purpose.

Unlocking your own Talent – The Five Clues to Talent

Learn how to spot your own talent and become very aware of what you bring to the table that others do not. We will look at everyday situations, stressful encounters, and when you’re most effective and performing at the highest level.

Close the TRUST gap

New team? New leader? The environment has shifted around you? Close the TRUST gap and move your team forward with lightning speed and agility. We can do this TOGETHER.

Strong Team – Poised to Pivot

Are you and your team gearing up for high growth and a changing landscape ahead? Focus your team players on how their own individual value positively contributes to the entire team. You and your team will be poised to pivot, flexible and strong for the road ahead TOGETHER.

The Magic of Meeting Rhythms & Strengths

Meeting rhythms are key to your team and company success. Learn how to infuse Strengths into your meeting rhythms and quickly relationships flourish. Watch people & teams get over the finish line and win TOGETHER.

A Spoonful of Sugar leads to a more generous workplace

Your workplace culture is a giving and generous place. Give your team a specific way to act on this important company value – this is a gift that keeps on giving, for your team, for clients, for communities, for customers.

Tapping into our Differences as Magic – Diversity & Inclusion

This is an excellent workshop to help your team learn about D&I in a new and fresh way that respects their own perspectives. Learn practical strategies to implement that will have a positive impact on your company culture quickly and deeply.

Two is Better than One

Partnerships are sometimes magical and winning. Other times they drain our energy. Learn to partner intentionally with others to do great things together. Two is much much better than one. Powerful Partnerships.

Your Employee Wellness Program starts with Strengths

Employee Wellness is about much more than counting steps and losing weight. It starts with how people treat each other and connect with each other. Learn how to add to or start your Employee Wellness efforts in a way that employees will value and love.

Firing on all cylinders with your Strengths

This is a great workshop for a team retreat or all company meeting. Each person walks away with a fresh perspective, renewed energy, and action steps for success that will have immediate as well as long-term benefits for your team or organization.

Build a Strengths Champion Team within your organization

Whether you are a large organization or a very small team, having a Strengths Champion model will keep your efforts alive around building a Strengths-based culture.

Defy Gravity – Lead with YOUR Strengths

This workshop can be tailored for two different kinds of audiences – one is a “people manager” kind of leader and the other is an individual contributor kind of leader. Learn to leverage your talents and strengths in your own way and you will be surprised at how natural this feels and how effective you are as a leader!

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